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Muscle Contraction Questions And Answers Pdf

muscle contraction questions and answers pdf

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Skeletal muscle mechanics: questions, problems and possible solutions

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Multiple Choice Quiz. Feedback True or False Quiz. Feedback Help Center. Which of the following types of muscle are found in the stomach or blood vessels? Which of the following does not belong with the others? When a muscle is at rest, which of the following is not associated chemically with the others?

Which molecule directly supplies energy to myosin to allow the filaments to contract? What is the most abundant storage form of energy within a muscle fiber? What effect does creatine phosphokinase have an muscle activity? How is excess sugar stored within muscle fibers? Which main factor allows muscle to sustain contraction even during times when the blood supply is low?

Which molecule is produced during exercise, resulting in the oxygen debt? Which of the following muscles always requires nerve impulses in order to contract? Which type of muscle is found in the wall of blood vessels? The following cause smooth muscles to contract except which one?

Which muscle lines most of the inner cheek wall? Which muscle causes smiling and is attached to the corners of the lips? The following muscles belong together except which one? Which triangular thoracic muscle causes the arms to move towards the midline?

The following belong together except which one? Which of the following does not belong with the rest? The following can be grouped together except which one? Which muscle runs from the anterior superior iliac spine to the medial tibial surface near the patella?

Which of these does not belong with the others? The following cause dorsiflexion of the foot except which one? Which of the following is attached to the calcaneus? Which of the following refers to a prolonged muscular spasm?

Muscular system questions

Due to shape of the force-frequency relationship, one would expect to see the greatest change in force between frequencies of:. Eccentric contractions are stronger than isometric and concentric contractions partly because, in eccentric contractions:. Concentric contractions are weaker than isometric and eccentric contractions partly because, in concentric contractions:. Athletes A and B were tested for the load-velocity relationship. The largest difference between A and B would be in:. The greatest peak force would be developed during which of the following maximal contractions? Instructions Answer the following questions and then press 'Submit' to get your score.

Which two proteins are the major components of myofibrils, allowing for muscle fiber contraction? Myosin and actin are the two major proteins in muscle cells that allow for contraction. Actin is the thin filament; myosin is the thick filament. During muscle contractions the overlap between these two proteins results in a shorter muscle fiber, and a shorter muscle, that pulls on the tendon. The result is movement.

D None of these done clear. A Skeletal muscle done clear. B Smooth muscle done clear. C Cardiac muscle done clear. D All the above done clear.

muscle contraction questions and answers pdf

E. Groupings of smooth muscle fibers enervated by a common neuron. Acetylcholine is. A. the only natural trigger for skeletal muscle contraction.

Multiple Choice Quiz

It seems that you're in Germany. We have a dedicated site for Germany. Editors: Solaro , Ross, Moss , R. Molecular Control Mechanisms in Striated Muscle Contraction addresses the molecular mechanisms by which contraction of heart and skeletal muscles is regulated, as well as the modulation of these mechanisms by important patho physiological variables such as ionic composition of the myoplasm and phosphorylations of contractile and regulatory proteins.

Human Body Case Studies.

Metrics details. Skeletal muscle mechanics have been studied ever since people have shown an interest in human movement. However, our understanding of muscle contraction and muscle mechanical properties has changed fundamentally with the discovery of the sliding filament theory in and associated cross-bridge theory in Nevertheless, experimental evidence suggests that our knowledge of the mechanisms of contraction is far from complete, and muscle properties and muscle function in human movement remain largely unknown. In this manuscript, I am trying to identify some of the crucial challenges we are faced with in muscle mechanics, offer possible solutions to questions, and identify problems that might be worthwhile exploring in the future.

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Skeletal and cardiac muscle, which are both striated, at resting length contain an A band in each sarcomere. This A band contains: A Essentially all the contractile protein myosin, but no actin B Essentially all the contractile protein actin, but no myosin C Essentially all the myosin, plus some actin D Essentially all the actin, plus some myosin E Troponin and tropomyosin, but no actin Answer. The A band is the region of the thick myosin filaments. Since at resting length there will be some overlap between the myosin and actin filaments, the A band will also contain some actin.

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