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Page 1. Page 2. Gerald and his wife Elizabeth have traveled to some seventy nations of the world having lived for various periods of time in Africa, Asia and Israel. The CPI Course is being used effectively in some 23 nations around the world. Gerald s CPI vision for training potential leaders in evangelism, church planting and pastoral ministry was birthed whilst Gerald and his wife were missionaries in Harare, Zimbabwe in During his first twelve months in Africa in , Gerald had conducted numerous large crusades with many conversions recorded and he observed that it was relatively easy to draw a crowd and to see hundreds of people make decisions for Christ.

The real challenge came after the crusade when those working with Gerald would seek to integrate the converts into the Body of Christ and walk in a truly Christian lifestyle. He had begun to realise how crucial it was to train local pastors in the principles of church growth and development.

As a result, Gerald began to organise Pastors Seminars in various parts of Africa to provide teaching and training. In when God led him to start a Bible College in what was then Rhodesia. During later visits to Zimbabwe, whilst conducting Church Growth seminars with national pastors, Gerald was able to introduce the CPI training program to many hundreds of ministers.

As an ongoing result, the program has been adopted by some 27 denominations in Zimbabwe. Even now, despite many adverse circumstances within the nation, hundreds of new churches are started every year. Gerald was based in Singapore at that time, and the colleges were in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines.

It took a few months to accomplish the necessary editing and printing. After this he began to organise pastor s conferences at which his strategy could be shared and the materials made available to all pastors that desired them.

Zimbabwe became a missions focussed nation, sending church planters into several surrounding nations. In , Gerald was awarded the Order of Australia Medal OAM by the Australian government for services rendered in the emerging world and today Gerald still ministers via a regular radio program focusing on God s plan for Israel and the Church in the end times.

Praise And Worship. Page 3. It is also one of the most neglected. To fall short of a full appreciation and practice of pure spiritual praise and worship is to forego a vital aspect of our ultimate calling in Christ.

In recent years, God has been restoring this ministry to His people. An integral feature of the great Spiritual renewal which is sweeping the church throughout the world is the restoration of praise and worship in the Church, as prophesied by Joel. Joel , 23, I am aware that many fine books have been published recently on this important subject. I am not under the illusion that this article will improve on what has already been said in these fine contributions. If there is a dimension that I personally could add, it may well be that of simplicity.

One of my main reasons for compiling this study is that the great majority of my readers live in emerging world and restricted access nations where these books on praise are not readily available. It is to those leaders particularly that this study is dedicated. The prayer of my heart is that its pages will help, inspire and motivate many of my readers to become praisers and worshippers of God.

This is what the Father is seeking. Chapters 9, 10, refer to some of the practical aspects of leading people in worship, whilst the final chapter 11 touches upon the prophetic significance of Praise and Worship.

In teaching this subject it is vital that the students become actually involved in doing and practising the various modes of biblical worship. So some of the time should be given to workshop sessions and to actual times of worship when the whole class begins to enter into times of corporate worship together employing the various scriptural ways of expressing worship.

Every Christian should be at least free enough to do everything the bible exhorts us to do, particularly in this important area of ascribing to God the worship of which He is profoundly worthy. Gerald Rowlands. This annual event often attracts crowds in excess of 10, people who are both Christians and Jews. Page 4. Their ministry involved a complicated system of ritual and ceremony.

These ceremonies were symbolic of Spiritual realities to come. They were the shadow of those things, but not the substance. The priestly ministry of Christ fulfilled every type implicit in the Old Testament priesthood. He has fulfilled all its symbolism. He is the fulfilment of all its types. The Levitical and Aaronic priesthood has now been superseded by a new priesthood.

Under the terms of the New Covenant, every believer is ordained to be a priest unto God. We do not offer animal sacrifices, as did the Old Covenant priests.

We are called to be a " One of the spiritual sacrifices we are ordained to offer is the "fruit of our lips. The Greek word for "offer up" is "anaphero", which means to bring, raise up, or offer up. It is the word used in Exodus Septuagint version where they "offered up" " It is usually applied to the sons of Aaron, but it has a much wider application as well. It is also applied to Melchizedek Gen , Jethro Ex , and to the priests mentioned in Exodus , who exercised priestly ministries prior to the inception of the Aaronic priesthood.

In Numbers we see the three things which pertain to the Old Testament priesthood: " HOLY " He is sanctified; set apart from the world and unto God. The second describes his condition. He is holy - consecrated unto the Lord. Every vessel offered to God became holy unto the Lord Lev The third describes his ministry and function - to draw near to God.

This refers to every function the priest performed. Page 5. They were to be : a. We are the Ecclesia - the called-out company.

Col We are to be a Holy People. Holiness is essential to fellowship and communion with God. To draw near to God and offer up spiritual sacrifices. God selected the sons of Aaron to be priests Ex ; Aaron was the first high priest. The sons of Aaron were ordained to the priesthood by Moses.

Rev Lev "No man that hath a blemish Priests were required to wash their hands and feet before entering the Tabernacle. Ex ; Clothing. Even when not officiating in the Tabernacle, priests wore a distinctive dress. They were always recognisable as priests of the Lord. However, when they ministered in the sanctuary, they were required to wear their official dress, which consisted of four pieces.

Four is the number of the Kingdom of God. Thus, they were seen to be servants of the Kingdom. Linen breeches. Ex b. The coat, woven in once piece, without a seam.

A multi-coloured girdle, the same four colours as in the veil which hung before the holy place. A linen cap. Page 6. The candidate for priesthood was conducted to the door of the Tabernacle. His body was washed with water.

He was clothed with the official vestments. He was anointed with holy oil symbol of the Holy Spirit Ex Priestly Ministry. Lev , To clear away the ashes from the altar. To offer the morning and evening sacrifice. Ex To bless the people, after the daily sacrifice. Lev ; Num To offer the sacrifices on the altar. To blow the silver trumpets, or the jubilee horn.


Last Updated: March 18, References Approved. To create this article, volunteer authors worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has been viewed , times. Learn more Leading worship is an important part of any church service.

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By Yohan Perera. On September 21, In Worship Leaders. A resource that you shall not want to miss if you are Worship Leader. He has written and recorded several albums and led worship and taught in the US, Moscow, and Central America.


God is worthy of praise whether or not we receive anything our self from God in the worship time. But because of his amazing grace and love for us, he comes to us and we feel his presence. Things happen when God comes, he rains on us, he delights over us and quiets us. His love and healing power comes and our lives are changed.

The Worship Manual is series of online courses designed to help you become the most effective worship leader you can be. Volume 1 contains 50 videos broken into five modules. Consider this your Worship Leader course. The content of this course is presented by Brian Wahl and Brian Fuller. Skip to content.

Page 1. Page 2. Gerald and his wife Elizabeth have traveled to some seventy nations of the world having lived for various periods of time in Africa, Asia and Israel.

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This Series is a team training video program designed to equip all your worship leaders main session, small group, youth , worship musicians, and ministry members in core ideas and skills related to worship. You can do each session in a group, or everyone can do it on their own. He is a gifted communicator and has inspired many worship leaders over the years. His ministry is both deep and wide, connecting musicians with the past, present and future.

Worship leader, award-winning recording artist, songwriter, and producer, Philip Renner became involved full time in worship ministry at the age of Together Philip and Ella are passionate about seeing people connect with their purpose in Christ and developing a real relationship with God. The couple resides in Moscow, Russia, with their young daughter Emilia. In Part One of this article, I shared about the value as a worship leader of maintaining a steadfast walk with God personally, of understanding the role of praise and worship, and of valuing his or her unique assignment as a worship leader or music minister. In other words, leading worship is something you do on purpose and with purpose.

Seeing the Holy Spirit move in power in worship leading is clearly heavily dependent on your walk with God. However, there are still great ideas and tips that you can use to increase the power in worship leading you see in your church. These are not gimmicks or tricks , there are some positive and simple things you can do to see your worship leading take off in a way you have never experienced before. And surely this is what we all want, what we all desire to see in your lives, and in our churches. So in this podcast, we discuss how you can generate real power in your worship leading, by keeping close to the Lord in your quiet times and devotionals , and also by using simple techniques that can open the way for the Holy Spirit to move in your church in a new and fresh way. Honestly, there are definite things you can do to increase the power of your worship leading ministry.

◦ Participative worship; people able to read. God's word, shout praise, clap, sing in the. Spirit, etc. ◦ People are able to encounter the Living.

Last Updated: March 18, References Approved. To create this article, volunteer authors worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has been viewed , times. Learn more

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