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Finishing And Detailing In Orthodontics Pdf

finishing and detailing in orthodontics pdf

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Contemporary Finishing Techniques

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Finishing procedures in Orthodontics: dental dimensions and proportions microesthetics. The content is limited to microesthetics, which comprises the concept of ideal dental dimensions and proportions white esthetics and its correlation with the periodontium pink esthetics. Standards of normality are described both in their real dimensions dental height and width , and in those effectively perceived by the observer, the virtual dimensions. METHODS: The best scientific evidence was sought in the literature to support the clinical procedures that must guide the professional to obtain maximum esthetic quality on their treatments. Therefore, it is necessary to investigate what the other specialties in Dentistry expect from Orthodontics and, specially, what they have to offer.

Contents Introduction Objectives in finishing Andrews six keys to normal occlusion static occlusion Gnathologic occlusion concept functional occlusion Periodontal factors Esthetic factors Overcorrection How to achieve these finishing objectives In standard Edgewise appliance system In Pre-Adjusted Edgewise appliance system In Begg appliance system Conclusion References. Introduction Finishing can be defined as The final stage of fixed appliance orthodontic treatment, during which final detailing takes place to idealize individual tooth position. Orthodontic finished occlusion is the occlusion that is desired at the time of active appliance removal. There is a significant range of opinions within the profession regarding both the appearance esthetic and function of the treatment results. During early s Andrews definition of the 'Six Keys to Normal Occlusion' constituted the first real effort to tabulate specific variables that could be measured in the finished orthodontic result. Roth has provided much information about gnathologic concepts of finishing in orthodontics which takes TMJ health into account. Other important consideration of esthetic and periodontal health during orthodontic finishing are highlighted by Kokich.

Finishing and Detailing in Orthodontics : A Short Review

Correspondence Address : Dr. Finishing is perhaps one of the most deceiving and difficult phases of orthodontic treatment. The finishing procedures are considered from the beginning stages of the treatment as a part of total scheme of treatment. The great deal of emphasis is placed on achieving perfect finishing and detailing of the orthodontic treatment, so that the results are pleasing to the eye and are more stable and conducive to improved function and health. Thus, the aim of this article is to provide comprehensive knowledge about different criteria about finishing and detailing in orthodontics. Advanced Search.

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finishing and detailing in orthodontics pdf

Request PDF | “Finishing and Detailing in Orthodontics: A Short Review.” | Finishing is perhaps one of the most deceiving and difficult phases.

Finishing and Detailing in orthodontics

Systemized Orthodontic Treatment Mechanics.pdf

Over the last 10 years, technology and orthodontic techniques have harmoniously come together to pave the way for a new era in the end smile result. A desirable smile now includes an ideal occlusion, arch width, a smile arc, incisor display, full lips with vermilion curl, and properly torqued teeth.


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    Finishing is perhaps one of the most deceiving and difficult phases of orthodontic treatment. The finishing procedures are considered, from the beginning stages.

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