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Nature And Scope Of Administrative Law Pdf

nature and scope of administrative law pdf

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In the modern times the states have undertaken multifarious functions which traditionally did not come within the areas of its operations, besides the functions relating to the maintenance of law and order , administration of justice , and protection of its people from aggression.

Foundations of the Administrative Law

Administrative law is also anxious about ensuring there will be an element of fairness operating in public decision making and generally ensuring proper administration. The motive of this writing is to discuss the nature and scopes of Administrative law and to find out how it can be differentiated from Constitutional law. Definition of Administrative Law — Administrative law manages with the legal control of the government and related administrative powers. In other terms, we can define administrative law as the body of rules and regulations and orders and decisions created by administrative agencies of government. Administrative law is part of the division of law commonly referred to as public law, the law which regulates the relationship between the citizen and the state and which involves the exercise of state power. So, it is a part of the legal framework for public administration. Public administration is the day-to-day implementation of public policy and public programs in areas as diverse as immigration, social welfare, defence, and economic regulation—indeed in all areas of social and economic life in which public programs operate.

Administrative Law is a new branch of law that deals with the powers of the Administrative authorities, the manner in which powers are exercised and the remedies which are available to the aggreived persons, when those powers are abused by administrative authorities. The Administrative process has come to stay and it has to be accepted as a necessary evil in all progressive societies. Particularly in welfare state, where many schemes for the progress of the society are prepared and administered by the government. The execution and implementation of these programmes may adversely affect the rights of the citizens. The actual problem is to reconcile social welfare with rights of the individual subjects. The main object of the study of Administrative law is to unravel the way in which these Administrative authorities could be kept within their limits so that the discretionary powers may not be turned into arbitrary powers. There are several branches of the science of law.

Administrative process es. Generally speaking, administrative law is the amalgamation of public laws i. American administrative law stretches back to the beginnings of the nation when in the First Congress of the United States drafted legislation that established the War Department, the Treasury Department, and the Department of Foreign Affairs and delegated to government officials the authority to undertake a wide variety of tasks including the determination of duties on imported goods, pensions for Revolutionary War soldiers, and the award of licenses to trade with indigenous people Skip to main content Skip to table of contents. This service is more advanced with JavaScript available. Editors: Ali Farazmand.


Administrative law is the law that governs the administrative actions. As per Ivor Jennings- the Administrative law is the law relating to administration. It determines the organisation, powers and duties of administrative authorities. It includes law relating to the rule-making power of the administrative bodies, the quasi-judicial function of administrative agencies, legal liabilities of public authorities and power of the ordinary courts to supervise administrative authorities. It governs the executive and ensures that the executive treats the public fairly. Administrative law is a branch of public law.

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nature and scope of administrative law pdf

Topic 1: Nature and Scope of Judicial Review. -‐ Admin law is a branch of public law (cf private law). -‐ Body of law that regulates the exercise of power and.

Introduction to Administrative Law

Explain the nature and scopes of Administrative law and distinguish it from Constitutional law. In , Norfolk County Council created a route for road by-pass.

Definition, Nature and Scope of Administrative law

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    Administrative law is the law governing the Executive, to regulate its functioning and protect the common citizenry from any abuse of power.

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    Administrative law also determines the nature and scope of the powers of Administrative Law, accessed from

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    Administrative law is the by-product of the growing socio-economic functions of the State.

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