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Religion And Politics In Pakistan Pdf

religion and politics in pakistan pdf

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This website is coordinated by Modus Operandi. Ali Mubarak , Lahore, Keywords: Use of religion for war, use of religion for peace Peace according Islam To analyse conflicts from a cultural point of view India Pakistan.

Religion and Politics: Integration, Separation and Conflict

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Working Paper. University of Birmingham, Birmingham, UK. This report presents the findings of a study of Islam in Pakistan that aimed at understanding and evaluating the relationships between Muslim organizations and activity in the formulation of development policy. The question at the heart of the inquiry is whether religion can play the role of a driver for change in terms of pro-poor policy and practice. The study analyses the nature and direction of the latent force and dynamism of the Islamic establishment, especially in its organizational setting, both in government and in opposition. It shows that the state in Pakistan has typically pursued a policy of exploiting the functional uses of Islam as a source of legitimacy in the absence of, or in combination with, a mass mandate. In so doing, it has played on the turf of Islamic groups by seeking to control the production and the spread of the religious message, co-opting the Ulema and managing religious affairs, ranging from levying Islamic taxes to the management of shrines, policies towards madrasas and a role in sectarian conflict.

Political Fields and Religious Movements: The Exclusion of the Ahmadiyya Community in Pakistan

This is especially true if the autocrat himself is a military high official dedicated to the religion concerned, as was patently the case under General Zia ul-Haq in Pakistan. A major obstacle to building effective centralized states and accelerating economic development lies in tribal and ethnic cleavages. The concept encompasses various forms of corporate, blood-based entities that are articulated around strong feelings of common identity and social solidarity. Insofar as the values of a clan promote the particularistic interests of its members, specific rather than general public goods, and a restricted rather than a generalized morality, the capturing of political power by a dominant clan or fierce struggles between powerful rival clans risk undermining the construction of a modern bureaucratic state and tearing apart the wider social fabric of a country. The examples of Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Syria, South Sudan, and other countries are there to attest to the immense cost that ethnic tensions may entail as a result of their political instrumentalization.

religion and politics in pakistan pdf

Islam and Politics in Pakistan

About Follow Donate. Polling and Analysis. Overwhelming percentages of Muslims in many countries want Islamic law sharia to be the official law of the land, according to a worldwide survey by the Pew Research Center. Moreover, Muslims are not equally comfortable with all aspects of sharia: While most favor using religious law in family and property disputes, fewer support the application of severe punishments — such as whippings or cutting off hands — in criminal cases.

Economy and Culture in Pakistan pp Cite as. Sometimes overshadowed in this debate is the curious paradox that the most traditional section of the religious leadership supports secularism against the fundamental Islamic leadership. Unable to display preview. Download preview PDF. Skip to main content.


Religion, politics and governance in Pakistan

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Frontmatter Free access PDF PDF, I. Preface Free access PDF PDF, VII. Contents Free access PDF PDF, XV. PART ONE: Orientation. Introduction to Part One.


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