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Nutrition Food Health And Spiritual Development Pdf

nutrition food health and spiritual development pdf

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Physiological Influences On Food Choices

Share: 0 I n almost every culture, food has long played a dual physical and spiritual role, and with that, many rules have been handed down. The Jewish tradition forbids eating pork, the Hindus forbid eating beef, and many Native American tribes prohibit eating foods that are not sacred.

Conversely, there are spiritual foods that bestow spiritual power. Indigenous ceremonies are often based on stringent rules regarding what foods to serve. Refraining from salt, sugar, and heavy meats, I was given special spiritual foods known for creating a healthy body and open psyche. What each of these examples demonstrates is that food is powerful medicine. The question is, how do we know what to eat or drink and what not to?

This is the domain of spiritual nutrition. In the midst of too many often conflicting choices, there is the still, small voice within each of us that knows the answer to our question.

Our intuition reminds us to slow down, listen, and pay attention to the messages and signs that our bodies are continuously delivering about which spiritual foods are best for us in any given moment. These messages can be transmitted in a variety of ways, such as genuine hunger, cravings, addictions, allergies, good and bad moods, energy levels from high to low, physical discomfort, and pleasurable sensations.

As you begin to understand the subtleties of spiritual nutrition, you will understand what all of these signals mean, as outlined below.

The purpose of this article is to teach you how to pay intuitive attention to what your body needs right now, drawing on a number of energetic perspectives of food. If you are a subtle energy practitioner, the tools and information contained here can also be used with clients when you deem it appropriate to help them adopt a more spiritual diet that heals on many levels. This journal will help you or your clients connect the dots between specific emotions, beliefs, and food cravings.

Then the rest of this article will supply you with ideas for using spiritual foods as a subtle energy healing tool, such as foods that can balance the chakras and flavors in the five-phase theory of Chinese medicine that can balance the internal organs. The following list of connections between food, emotions, and beliefs can be used as a stand-alone reference or in concert with the Intuitive Eating awareness process and journaling worksheet.

Cravings are important memos from the body and are its way of telling us about our emotional needs. They can also provide clues as to the limiting beliefs or negative self-talk that might be contributing to an emotional upset, whether that disruption is a minor, temporary state or a chronic, debilitating pattern.

Cravings are tools and guides in the discipline of spiritual nutrition. The food and feelings connections outlined here can shed some light on the interplay between certain thoughts, feelings, and emotions that may be seeking your attention. Following are examples that we can all relate to. Using this list can help you begin to perceive your cravings and food choices through a lens of self-acceptance, self-respect, and kindness and make the shift to eating healthier , spiritual foods as a result.

Take some time to figure out what or who you are angry with, and perhaps what subtle energy boundaries you believe have been violated or that you are violating in others. If your journal page is full of gooey, sticky breadstuffs, you are probably seeking comfort in all the wrong places—in food instead of relationships. By taking stock of your diet , you can get in touch with your inner heart and respond to your deeper needs in more self-loving ways than literally feeding your feelings, which is ideal when living in alignment with the tenets of spiritual nutrition.

If you change your attitude and behavior, your food cravings and dietary habits will also become healthier. Salty foods : Fear. Gluten products give us the comfort and safety we need in a non-threatening way. Has a cinnamon roll ever rejected you? Sugar: Excitement. Chocolate: Sexual drive. Eating chocolate is a safe way to feel sensual when our life lacks romance. It can also protect you from the perceived dangers of intimacy. The sugar in alcohol can serve as a substitute for excitement.

The corn in alcohol can buffer feelings of failure, and grain alcohol can give us the warm feelings we might lack in our relationships. We all want to be and to feel successful. Eating corn or corn products can not only momentarily imbue us with a sense of professional success, but also cushion us from deep-seated feelings of insecurity and failure.

Fatty foods hide our internal shame. After all, letting someone in close might make us feel even worse about ourselves. The following are common limiting beliefs and negative internal messages related to certain foods, spiritual and otherwise. When you review your Intuitive Eating worksheet, notice what types of foods appear most frequently, as well as in what circumstances.

Crunchy foods: Anger causes trouble. Being different causes rejection. High-gluten or wheat products: No one will give me what I really need. Dairy milk, ice cream, or cheese : I am unlovable. No one will ever love me the way I really am. Love is conditional. Alcohol: People will hurt me if I show who I really am. No one will accept my true self. Fatty foods: I am a bad person. I am unworthy of love. In Ayurvedic medicine , the best ways to eat by the principles of spiritual nutrition and tend to your emotions depend upon your constitutional and spiritual body type, or dosha.

Doshas are determined by elements as well as physical, mental and spiritual attributes. These are the basic principles behind the three doshas:. Vayu also known as Vata is an impulse principle that manages the nervous system and is made of air and ether. Characteristics of the vayu-dosha person: tall and lean, talkative, shifting mind, earthy skin, hairy, prefer hot and oily dishes, tend to be constipated, love to travel, enjoy life, unsteady sleep.

Pitta is an energy principle that runs the bile, or metabolic, system and is composed of fire and water. Characteristics of the pitta-dosha person: medium build, sweats a lot, pink skin, early baldness, impatient, fairly talkative, loves to eat and drink, brave and ambitious, average sleep.

Kapha is a body-fluid principle that regulates the mucus-phlegm, or excretory, system and is made up of water and earth. Characteristics of the kapha-dosha person: short and stout, sweats a lot, white skin, steady mind, can be silent, normal appetite and thirst, rests a lot, sleeps deeply. Which best describes you? Vayu or Vata : When in balance, people with this constitution are vibrant, lively, enthusiastic, clear and alert of mind, flexible, exhilarated, imaginative, sensitive, talkative, and quick to respond.

When out of balance, they are restless, unsettled, anxious or worried, sleep lightly, have a tendency to overexert themselves, become fatigued, suffer constipation, and be underweight. Pitta: When in balance, these people are warm, loving, contented, enjoy challenges, have strong digestion , have a radiant complexion, concentrate well, speak articulately and precisely, are courageous and bold, have a sharp wit, and are intellectual.

When out of balance, they can be demanding perfectionists; tend towards frustration, anger, irritability, and impatience; and have skin rashes, prematurely gray hair, or early hair loss. Kapha: When in balance, these people are affectionate, compassionate, patient, forgiving, emotionally steady, relaxed, slow, methodical, stable, and optimistic, with good memories, good stamina, and a natural resistance to sickness.

When out of balance, they are often complacent, dull, lethargic, possessive, overattached, and overweight, with oily skin, allergies, slow digestion, and a tendency to oversleep.

Based on your basic dosha assessment, you can review the following sections on spiritual foods for soothing your dosha, eating seasonally, and the importance of the six tastes or rasas of Ayurveda to see if there are one or two things you could change in your diet right now to restore the level or balance of energy you might be seeking. And remember to listen to the whispers of your intuitive voice as you go—a core component of spiritual nutrition.

Vayu or Vata : Favor warm, spiritual foods with a moderately heavy texture, like wild rice soup or cream of wheat cereal; all oils; salt, sour and sweet tastes; and soothing and satisfying foods. Foods to avoid are red meat, corn, and rye. Pitta: Choose cool or warm, but not steaming-hot spiritual foods; moderately heavy textures; and bitter, sweet and astringent tastes. Go easy on fats and oils, and try to avoid salty foods and sour foods like pickles and sour cream. Salads, with their astringent greens and cool temperature, are excellent for balancing overactive pitta.

Cold cereal, cinnamon toast, and apple juice make a perfect breakfast. Kapha: Select warm and light spiritual foods cooked without much water. Add bitter romaine lettuce and other leafy greens , pungent herbs and spices , and astringent apples, pomegranate, cranberries, pears, and legumes tastes to most, if not all, meals.

Consume a minimum amount of butter, oil, and sugar. Eating spicy food will promote better digestion and warm the body. All foods carry frequency-based messages and have the ability to change our vibration, according to the principles of spiritual nutrition. Chakra One Spiritual Food Fuel: Red foods, such as meat, beets, grapes, strawberries, and cherries Spiritual Message: You deserve to be alive, safe, strong, and passionate. You are intelligent. You can learn what you need to know.

You deserve healthy relationships. You can manifest your needs. It is safe to communicate. You deserve to make healthy choices. You are connected to the Divine. There is divine destiny. You deserve to be freed from the past. You can choose a new future. Ayurveda recognizes six seasons rather than four, and each season involves general food and activity recommendations to support health and happiness and keep you in balance with the principles of spiritual nutrition.

September—October—Sharad-ritu, short summer. Eat cool, sweet, and astringent foods. January—February—Shishira-ritu, cold winter.

As with Hemanta-ritu, eat and exercise, and also spend time in reflection. Diet is an important aspect of Ayurvedic medicine, as it is in traditional Chinese medicine , and food is intimately connected to the elements of nature within and around us.

Nutrition Food Health And Spiritual Development

Reddy S, Anitha M. Culture and its Influence on Nutrition and Oral Health. Food habits are one of the most complex aspects of human behavior, being determined by multiple motives and directed and controlled by multiple stimuli. Food acceptance is a complex reaction influenced by biochemical, physiological, psychological, social and educational factors. Metabolic conditions play an important role. Age, sex and mental state are factors of importance.

Share: 0 I n almost every culture, food has long played a dual physical and spiritual role, and with that, many rules have been handed down. The Jewish tradition forbids eating pork, the Hindus forbid eating beef, and many Native American tribes prohibit eating foods that are not sacred. Conversely, there are spiritual foods that bestow spiritual power. Indigenous ceremonies are often based on stringent rules regarding what foods to serve.

PDF Lire by Rudolf Steiner, Title: Nutrition Food Health And Spiritual Development. Selected lectures from various volumes in The Collected Works of Rudolf.

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Physiological Influences On Food Choices. Also explore over similar quizzes in this category. Similarly, to investigate whether our food choice task worked as intended and that the food choices were reasonable in the incongruent trials as well, we. Describe community nutrition services for older persons.

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