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Salvation And Sovereignty A Molinist Approach Pdf

salvation and sovereignty a molinist approach pdf

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Our sovereign God saves. And He is doing so in a way that maintains His perfect integrity from evil and does not turn humans, who [ sic ] He created in His image, into robots.

Monergistic Molinism

Catholicism portal. Molinism , named after 16th-century Spanish Jesuit theologian Luis de Molina , is a view about the providence of God in light of human free will. The view affirms a strong notion of God's control of events in the world, alongside an equally firm view of human freedom. According to Kenneth Keathley, author of Salvation and Sovereignty: A Molinist Approach, Molinists argue that God perfectly accomplishes his will in the lives of genuinely free creatures through the use of his omniscience. The first is God's knowledge of necessary truths or natural knowledge. These truths are independent of God's will and are non-contingent. This knowledge includes the full range of logical possibilities.

Though the review is hard-hitting, it is judicious and fair. I also thank Tom Ascol for giving me the opportunity to give a brief response. The three of us met at the Building Bridges Conference at Ridgecrest in , and I am glad to call both men my friends and brothers in Christ. Both Dr. Nettles and I have signed the Abstract of Principles , the statement of faith which guides the Southern Baptist seminaries in which we teach Southern and Southeastern, respectively. Though God controls all things, He does not cause all things.


Skip to search form Skip to main content You are currently offline. Some features of the site may not work correctly. DOI: Macgregor Published Perichoresis. Abstract Several philosophers and theologians including Stump, Cross, Timpe, Keathley, and Evans have attempted to formulate monergistic, soft libertarian accounts of salvation. View via Publisher. Save to Library.

salvation and sovereignty a molinist approach pdf

SALVATION AND SOVEREIGNTY: A MOLINIST APPROACH – By Kenneth Keathley. James Beilby. Bethel University. Search for more papers.

Salvation and Sovereignty - eBook

This essay describes the Molinist picture of providence, a picture that results from attempting to combine a strong, traditional notion of divine providence with a libertarian account of freedom. After showing how the Molinist picture seemingly allows one coherently to resolve the tensions that this combination engenders, the essay recalls the two general objections that have typically been offered against the Molinist view and briefly sketches the two alternative views of providence open theism and Thomism that typically flow from these objections. Two other general anti-Molinist arguments—less common but perhaps of greater potential interest—are then examined. Finally, directions in which the discussion of Molinism might most profitably proceed are suggested. Keywords: providence , Molinist , Molinism , middle knowledge , Thomism , open theism , freedom , Christian , libertarian.

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    He then offers a Molinist picture of salvation in terms of the acrostic ROSES: Radical Depravity, Overcoming Grace, Sovereign Election, Eternal.

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