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Otc Medication List And Counselling Pdf

otc medication list and counselling pdf

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Over the Counter Medications

Technicians and pharmacists are well aware that medications are generally classified as either requiring a prescription or available without a prescription over-the-counter [OTC]. It is estimated that there are over active ingredients available over the counter for different uses and these ingredients can be found in over , different products sold in more than , retail outlets including not only pharmacies, but other establishments, such as convenience stores, groceries and mass merchandise stores. While OTC drugs do have such widespread distribution — and do not require a prescription — this does not mean that they are completely unregulated. OTC drugs must obtain approval from the U. Food and Drug Administration FDA and Federal and state regulatory agencies can further restrict sales in a number of ways, including marketing and advertising, labelling, age restrictions, quantity restrictions and other means.

Over the counter OTC drugs are medications you can buy at the store without a prescription. According to the Consumer Healthcare Products Association, more than , retail outlets in the U. There are many different kinds of over the counter drugs that are used to treat a variety of illnesses and symptoms. However, some OTC drugs contain active ingredients that make them more likely to be abused. They are also very easy to misuse because they are widely available, inexpensive, legal, and have no age requirement or limit on how much can be purchased. Over the counter drugs are safe and effective when they are used properly as directed on the box, but when they are misused by taking higher or more frequent doses than necessary, they can cause physical harm, tolerance, dependence, or addiction.

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The practice of OTC counseling by community pharmacists in Parana, Brazil

The involvement of pharmacists in nonprescription medication counseling will increase the public's ability to understand the risks and benefits of OTC remedies. It has been well documented that interactions by pharmacists through consultation and effective assessment strategies can enhance patient outcomes. In order to counsel patients efficiently, pharmacists must be able to communicate. One way to ensure understanding is through active listening, a process in which the receiver repeats the information back to the sender. This process fosters information exchange and promotes effective learning. The first step in achieving optimal communication is setting the stage.

otc medication list and counselling pdf

Over-the-counter drug

Abuse of over-the-counter medicines: a pharmacist’s perspective

Any community pharmacist most likely will agree that self-care in the United States continues to be a growing trend. Patient purchases of OTC products have consistently risen, for many reasons. The convenience of treating a condition with an OTC product is appealing to the typically busy patient, who seeks to avoid a lengthy and expensive office visit in favor of meeting the demands of home and work. In addition, patients in the information age have an increased level of awareness about health.

Medically reviewed on May 7, by L. Anderson, PharmD. In the U.

Steven M. Bridgeman, PharmD, Laura L. Neafsey, PhD, Michael S.


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