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spain culture and traditions pdf

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Did you know about business culture in Spain? Watch this video animation to find out some interesting facts:. Business Culture in Spain is characterised by: business communication , business etiquette , business meeting etiquette , internship and student placements , cost of living , work-life-balance and social media guide.

Spanish Culture

Location and Geography. Spain occupies about 85 percent of the Iberian peninsula, with Portugal on its western border. Other entities in Iberia are the Principality of Andorra in the Pyrenees and Gibraltar, which is under British sovereignty and is located on the south coast. The Pyrenees range separates Spain from France. The Atlantic Ocean washes Spain's north coast, the far northwest corner adjacent to Portugal, and the far southwestern zone between the Portuguese border and the Strait of Gibraltar.

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Culture of Spain

Spain is a southwestern European country located between France and Portugal. Despite the diversity of Spanish culture, the country also has a strong and unifying national identity. The culture is famous for having a strong social dimension, with many fiestas celebrations punctuating the year. Spaniards are renowned for being proud people with a deep love of Spain and a strong awareness of their personal honour. Their open and lively communication style often gives foreigners the impression that they are confident and enthusiastic people. Regionalism Regionalismo. Spain is most densely populated along the Mediterranean and Atlantic coasts, as well as in the major inland cities of Madrid, Sevilla and Zaragoza.

You will find bullfights indeed throughout the country, the most popular event perhaps being the "Running of Bulls" during the Sanfermines in Pamplona. But bullfights are part and parcel of any Fiesta. Flamenco, on the other hand, is the musical tradition in the country's south, in particular in Andalusia. That is where you have to move to see and listen first rate dancing and guitar playing. In April takes place Feria de Abril , in Seville, an entire week of singing and dancing and trying that great Sherry wine , those delicious tasty snacks called "Tapas" and more Sherry wine

Spanish is the dominant spoken language in Puerto Rico. In total, the U.S. has the world's fifth-largest Spanish-speaking population. Table 1 displays the type of​.

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French Culture: Customs & Traditions

Most people associate French culture with Paris, which is a center of fashion, cuisine, art and architecture, but life outside of the City of Lights is very different and varies by region. France doesn't just have culture; the word "culture" actually comes from France. Historically, French culture was influenced by Celtic and Gallo-Roman cultures as well as the Franks, a Germanic tribe.

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SPAIN: Fiestas and Traditions

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