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Works Of Origen And Clement Pdf

works of origen and clement pdf

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Saint Clement of Alexandria , Latin name Titus Flavius Clemens , born ad , Athens—died between and ; Western feast day November 23; Eastern feast day November 24 , Christian Apologist , missionary theologian to the Hellenistic Greek cultural world, and second known leader and teacher of the catechetical school of Alexandria. According to Epiphanius, a 4th-century bishop, the parents of Titus Flavius Clemens were Athenian pagans. There is little significant information about his early life. As a student, he traveled to various centres of learning in Italy and in the eastern Mediterranean area.

Clement’s Biblical Exegesis

What can man know about God? This question became one of the main problems during the 4th-century Trinitarian controversy, which is the focus of this book. Especially during the second phase of the conflict, the claims of Anomean Eunomius caused an emphatic response of Orthodox writers, mainly Basil of Caesarea and Gregory of Nyssa. Eunomius formulated two ways of theology to show that we can know both the substance ousia and activities energeiai of God. The Orthodox Fathers demonstrated that we can know only the external activities of God, while the essence is entirely incomprehensible. Therefore the 4th-century discussion on whether the Father and the Son are of the same substance was the turning point in the development of negative theology and shaping the Christian conception of God.

1. The origins of Christian Negative Theology

Clement of Alexandria c. He is known for his attempt to unite Greek philosophy with Christian teachings and drew a large number of educated pagans to the Church. His passion for philosophy, especially for the teachings of Plato , contributed to the "hellenization" of Christianity. Clement of Alexandria was, and still is, a highly unorthodox and controversial figure in Church history. Titus Flavius Clemens was born sometime during the middle of the second century C. Many scholars have named Athens as his birthplace, and this is supported by the classical quality of his Greek. His parents seem to have been wealthy pagans of some social standing.

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Origen lived through a turbulent period of the Christian Church, when persecution was wide-spread and little or no doctrinal consensus existed among the various regional churches. In this environment, Gnosticism flourished, and Origen was the first truly philosophical thinker to turn his hand not only to a refutation of Gnosticism, but to offer an alternative Christian system that was more rigorous and philosophically respectable than the mythological speculations of the various Gnostic sects. Origen was also an astute critic of the pagan philosophy of his era, yet he also learned much from it, and adapted its most useful and edifying teachings to a grand elucidation of the Christian faith. In this work Origen establishes his main doctrines, including that of the Holy Trinity based upon standard Middle Platonic triadic emanation schemas ; the pre-existence and fall of souls; multiple ages and transmigration of souls; and the eventual restoration of all souls to a state of dynamic perfection in proximity to the godhead. He is unique among Platonists of his era for introducing history into his cosmological and metaphysical speculations, and his insistence on the absolute freedom of each and every soul, thereby denying the fatalism that so often found its way into the more esoteric teachings of the various philosophical and mystery schools of his day. Williamson, p.

Origen of Alexandria (185—254 C.E.)

Little is known about the life of Titus Flavius Clemens. He is regarded as an inferior theologian to his immediate successor to the post, Origen. Clement drew extensively on Philo,[ 4 ] and followed both Philo and Justin Martyr[ 5 ] in claiming that the Greek philosophers had plagiarised their teaching from Moses.

See also Roger Pearse, More Fathers. Volume I. Volume II.

Catholicism portal. Among his pupils were Origen and Alexander of Jerusalem.

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Saint Clement of Alexandria

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Early Church Fathers

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