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On Differences Between Organizational Learning And Learning Organization Pdf

on differences between organizational learning and learning organization pdf

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This chapter defines and elaborates the concept of the learning organization, emphasizing how learning makes organizations more efficient in a continuously changing competitive environment. We provide here some of the theoretical background supporting this concept. We also address the important conceptual distinction between the learning organization and organizational learning. We then apply these concepts to the arena of public sector organizations, and specifically IFIs, making the case for independent evaluation as a key component for bringing a public sector organization closer to what constitutes a learning organization. Though organizational learning takes place rather frequently at the IMF through a variety of instances and processes, the Fund has not become a learning organization—at least not by the standards that the literature suggests organizations should aspire to in the 21 st century.

The Questionable Relation between Individual and Organizational Learning

Already have an account? Log in! Both the learning organization and organizational learning are very similar in that they connect to each other, but differ in that one involves the actual learning in an organization and the other involves the course of gaining the learning in the organization. It is the process of learning about what organizations do now, what they need to work on or change in order to be more competitive or create a monopoly, what they are doing right, who the people are that work there and with their competitors, and what they are like as individuals.

Both the learning organization and organizational learning are similar in that they both involve learning. Whether being the process of learning or the actual institutionalizing of learning, it has become popular in organizations today. Learning has also become more popular because of the ever changing environment that we all live in today. Organizations are becoming more and more competitive with each other and without some strategy of becoming better, organizations fall and go out of business, or even worse, go bankrupt.

The strategy of learning in an organization has become the answer to businesses all around the world. The learning organization and organizational learning are slightly different in that the learning organization is the process to change and organizational learning is having the process and strategies and implementing change throughout an organization.

Simply put, one is the plan, the other is the action. Especially in the U. S today with the economy dropping, it is important that an organization be very wise, innovative, and have some sort of strategy in order to stay in business.

In The Executive Fast Track. Retrieved Dec. Smith, M. Retrieved Nov. Return To: FrontPage. Tip: To turn text into a link, highlight the text, then click on a page or file from the list above. The first quote is from , did you find any newer information that is relevant to the topic of organizational learning? What I might do to this is : 1 Figure out the similarities and list them. Great start!

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Organizational Learning VS Learning Organization

Simply stated, the idea l is that individual learning leads to: a improved organizational learning and b higher individual performance which together positively impact organizational performance 1. In other words, to what extent do we actually have evidence on a causal relation between individual learning and organizational learning? Antonacopoulu argues that, apart from the fact that all studies deliver only weak evidence, they also address different levels and dimensions of learning. Her study therefore attempts to acknowledge the complexity of learning in an organization and explores the interconnectivity between the different levels of learning. The study includes 78 retail managers in three banks and was carried out over three years. She asked the managers a series of questions about the learning process and in particular their views of what learning is, how people learn, and the factors that facilitate or inhibit learning.

The key difference between organizational learning and learning organization is that organizational learning focuses on learning by experience and knowledge gathered from day to day activities whereas Learning Organization focuses on learnings to enhance competencies and capabilities of employees. Also, we can consider organizational learning as a process, and learning organization as a structure. Organizations come across many methods to improve organizational performances in terms of effective and efficient solutions. At the same time, organizations face a lot of threats such as economic failures, competition, and unintended organizational changes, which lead to the downfall of organizational performance. Within such a context, two concepts of organizational learning and learning organization help to uplift organization performance. Overview and Key Difference 2.

on differences between organizational learning and learning organization pdf

Difference Between Organizational Learning and Learning Organization

Difference Between Organizational Learning and Learning Organization

This conceptual paper looks at and discusses differences between the concepts of organizational learning and the learning organization. Since there still seems to be confusion regarding the meaning of the two concepts, aims to clarify the two main existing distinctions — that organizational learning is existing processes while learning organization is an ideal form of organization.

Organizational Learning and the Learning Organization

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Difference Between Organizational Learning and Learning Organization

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